In a society that considers being in a relationship, no matter how unhealthy, more socially accepted than being and remaining single until you find someone who is genuinely compatible with you, it is no wonder we have a culture of “situationships,” and overly complicated relationships and break-ups.

Personally, I don’t think love and relationships are supposed to be this complex. Relationships do take A LOT of work and require a lot of communication. But when they become one-sided and leave people wondering and questioning what went wrong, without the other person to communicate with, you’ve reached a whole new level of toxicity.

But since we live in a society where we seek instant gratification, usually what happens is if we don’t attain what we want from one thing or person, we move on to the next best thing. OR to make it worse, once we get what we wanted, we move on because it no longer satisfies our needs. This may be because the thrill that comes along with trying to chase something is no longer as exciting as it once was. So those things that brought us those instant “highs” become the main source of our daily “lows.” Thus, we drop it and go in search for the next thrill. Where, truly, nothing, no matter how beautiful or expensive, will bring true satisfaction.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about having fun and “#livingmybestlife,” but if and when such desires keeps us stagnant in life, I think (for me at least) it is time to move on, beyond the materialistic aspects of life, and seek things and relationships with meaning. Something to feed the soul.

You have to live in the moment.” I get that. “Life is a game.” I get that. “It’s all fun and games.” I get that.


When it comes to your heart, get a little bit more serious.

Your heart, my heart, any heart is bound to slip out and break if you place it in the hands of a child.

Raise your standards.

Know your worth.

Do not settle for ANYTHING LESS than you deserve.

You know exactly what you want and deserve. But you are just letting other people’s opinion and life situations, social norms, or your age, influence your judgment.

If you let others determine your worth, you will get broken down to so many tiny pieces that you may spend the rest of your life trying to gather those pieces to put yourself back together.

Raise your standards. Keep them high, so a man, who is man enough, will actually take the leap to meet you where you’re at. That is, if he truly wants to be with you.

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